Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Easy Signup? expand_more

These days you need to have an account almost everywhere. And most of the times you have to enter personal data, like your email address, password, name, etc. With this app you can use the associated websites without having to enter ANY data!

How does Easy Signup work? expand_more

Easy Signup is developed so that you can signup/login on various sites without having to enter login credentials or any other personal data.

Which countries are supported? expand_more

Easy Signup is supported in all countries where Google Play is supported. You can find a full list on this site:

Is Easy Signup Safe? expand_more

Yes. We use encrypted connections for communications. There are no email address or passwords stored in the application nor in our database.

I want to remove my account expand_more

We are not in control of the sites where you can login. Therefore, we cannot remove your account from that website. You should contact the websites owner/administrator for that. If you do not want to make use of the Easy Signup you can just remove the application from your phone. We will automatically remove unused accounts after a certain period.

Which websites are supported? expand_more

Easy Signup is supported by many websites. We can't list our supported websites here because we are continuously expanding our network. You can find our logo on the supported websites!

I want to use Easy Signup on my own website! expand_more

That is fantastic news! We are always looking for more websites which want to join our platform. Please submit the form on the bottom of this page and we will contact you!

What are tokens? expand_more

Besides an easy way of signup/login, we also offer a way to make payments on the websites we support. In this way you can make purchases without having to enter your personal data. These payments are done with "tokens". You can buy a token, and then redeem it in the website of your choice. In this way you can buy items without having to enter personal data!

I have bought a token! How do I use it? expand_more

Normally, after you have made a purchase, you will go to the website where you have bought your product/service automatically. The token will be marked as "Redeemed". This means that the value of your token is used on the website of your choice. The token can be used on a supported website if the token is marked as "Ready to Use". In this case, you can click on the token, and click on "Copy To Clipboard". You can now go to the website of your choice, and use the token in the purchase form of the website.
Still having issues? Use the form on the bottom of this page to contact us!

I don't like my purchase! expand_more

We only offer a simplified method for signup/login/purchases. We are not responsible for the content of the websites. Please contact the owner/administrator of the website.

I have trouble completing the payment expand_more

We only offer payments using Google Play. If you cannot pay, please see this site for possible solutions:

How do I cancel a subscription? expand_more

You can read more information regarding stopping, pause or change a subscription on this site:

Is it possible to get a refund? expand_more

You can read more information regarding refunds on this site:

I cannot use your app! expand_more

That is really bad! We try to support as many phones as possible. Our app supports Android version 5 or higher. If your phone meets these requirements, please contact the form on the bottom of this page and please let us know your model, brand and Android version of your phone.

I forgot my password expand_more

Well, you don't need one 😄. You can just open the Easy Signup app, and click on the site where you want to log in. The website will be opened and you will be logged in instantly!

Still have a question?

Please use the form below to contact us if you still have a question which was not answered in our FAQ.